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Belek has 16 professional courses and can rival the major courses on the Algarve. It is less expensive to play here than in Spain or Portugal plus the warmer winters make Belek a year-round golf destination. 







Belek offers a wide selection of world class golf courses.

Thanks to the warm weathers Belek works as an year-round golf destination. 

All the courses boast well-equipped clubhouses, experienced pros and top-class amenities, including club hire. And don’t forget the beautiful scenery that surrounds this golfers paradise.

Belek has 16 professional courses and can rival the major courses on the Algarve. It is less expensive to play here than in Spain or Portugal

The resort was named ‘Europe’s Best Golf Destination’ at the Golf Magazine Awards in 2013.



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Belek has a long beautiful shoreline with 16km of sandy beaches. These long beaches offer you the chance to enjoy all types of water sports and beach activities from water-skiing to sailing. If you’d rather just take it easy and enjoy the sounds of the ocean and the smooth breeze in your toes you can get yourself a sunbed and relax. The Belek Beach Park has great restaurants right next to the beach so you don’t have to walk far for a small snack or lunch. 



There is plenty to do even if you aren’t a golf fan. 

The surrounding area of Belek is filled with breathtaking ancient cities that you should definitely explore when you have the time. The Aspendos Theatre, located 15 km east of Beleks is the best preserved Roman Theatre in the ancient world, this is a must see. Take a day trip to the Aspendos Theatre and while you are at it go visit the ancient Roman Aqueducts of Aspendos. For the cultured people there isn't really a show quite like the world-famous Fire of Anatolia – with 2 Guinness records, award-winning choreographers and more than 120 spectacular dancers taking to the stage each night. Prepare yourself for an evening of non-stop entertainment at the Gloria Aspendos Arena.


Just 25 km west of Belek is the ancient city of Perge. Here you will find Roman Baths,  beautiful marble streets and a Roman stadium.



The city of Belek has many great restaurants to eat in if you want to have an authentic Turkish meal or even just a pizza. 

There are many five-star hotels in Belek so you are never far from a great dining experience. The restaurant at the “National Golf Club” has a very good reputation and offers International and Turkish cuisine. In comparison to much of Europe, dining is very good value for money so visiting fine dining establishments is more affordable. 

If you go on a daytrip to Antalya and you want to enjoy a wonderful dinner with an astonishing view, be sure to visit the famous restaurant, Nejat Balik. Nejat Balik is known for their delicious seafood dishes, which you can enjoy while sitting on the terrace facing the ocean and watch the sun set behind the mountains. 



The city center of Belek is filled with different shops and stores where you can buy everything from designer clothing to jewellery to souvenirs. There is also a big supermarket where you can buy your groceries if you’d rather make your own food at home instead of going to a restaurant.

Make sure to also take a visit to the neighbour village Kadriye bazaar which is on every Tuesday and it is just a few minutes drive from the center of Belek. You can buy fresh fruits and vegetables, clothing of souvenirs there or if you feel like you need to practice your bartering skills, this is the place to do it.